Obsidium v1.3.6.4 【Cracked】


The Obsidium software protection and licensing system allows you to protect your program from unauthorized modifications (i.e. “cracking”) and provides you with a fast and reliable yet easy to implement licensing system.

Obsidium key features:

·encryption of application code and data
·compression of application code and data
·counter-measures against disassembling, debugging, dumping and runtime patching
·protection API
·automation of license generation
·integrated licensing systems featuring up to 2048 bit public key cryptography
·registration via keyfiles or text keys
·blacklisting of stolen or compromised keys
·runtime en-/decryption
·encryption of license-specific code
·system-specific licenses
·password protection
·creation of time limited trial versions

Obsidium is released as shareware. There is no time or date limit but some of its features (saving/loading project files) are disabled and protected programs will show a corresponding reminder message. Applications protected by the demo version may not be distributed. Obsidium itself is not hardware-locked.


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