ImpREC lite v11 Source Code(Share)

ImpREC is back to public. This version can now support Windows 95 (Thanks to EliCZ,
Unknown One and ZigD for testing).
It has also been redesigned to support more import rebuilding schemes (relative calls for
example). The plugin interface has changed completely (using filemapping) and now supports
the ‘Exact Call’ feature. This last one has been linked with the ‘Create New IAT’. It will
be useful for all mangled schemes which annihilate completely or partially the IAT. The
‘AutoTrace’ is more stable because it will not use the Tracer Level2 anymore. A built-in
coloured disassembler/hew-viewer will help you to watch the redirected code. Then you
should not need the ASProtect plugin because of no more updates but it still is there as
example. Please take a look at <History.txt> for all details.

I hope you will enjoy this version like i did to make it,



– Misc

– Finally fixed the bug in the check for adding section (Thanks to Christoph)

v1.6 beta *PRIVATE*
– Tracers
– Tracer Level3
– Added EIP Log
– Misc
– Finally, support relative calls rebuild (not with the loader yet)
– Added a disassembler window for redirected code
– Added colour to all known imports (Thanks to Jeff Schering)
– Added a hex viewer (built with the disassembler)
– Fixed blink in RichEdit control
– Checkbox “OpCodes” is enable/disable depending on “Hex View”
(Thanks to Muffin)

– Removed the useless ‘/’ when there’s no name (ordinal only)
– Disassembler is allowed on valid slot too now
– Fixed HexView to show all printable chars
– Added disasm comment for <CALL X> where <X = JMP [API]>
– Added Right Click function on disasm code to ease the life (TRY IT!)
– Added ‘Get Imports Filter’ in ‘Advanced Commands’ (Greetings to Titi)
– Tooltips added in Options
– Fixed bug in “Fix dump” renaming (with the char ‘_’ before the ext)
– Added Original First Thunks rebuilder (in Options)
– Fixed bug on disabled editboxes (you could edit them…. erm)
– Added checks in PEFile.cpp for invalid executables (Thanks to Snacker!)
– Fixed some possible problems on sscanf and ordinals (“%X” with WORD type)

v1.5.1 beta2 *PRIVATE*
– Tracers
– Error codes updated for the Tracers Level2 and 3
– Misc
– Fixed bug from the 1.5.1 beta1 in the Import Editor (a string bug)
– Fixed bug on validation check for the ‘Congratulations’ text (Thanks to LordByte)
– Fixed bug in the <IAT AutoSearch> (Thanks to LordByte)
– New imports scheme added (NOT COMPLETE SO DO NOT USE IT)
– Support relative calls rebuild => visible with a (R) tag in imports
– Fixed a bug with “Create New IAT”. It can now manage a thunk which has several
apis of different module (Thanks to EOD)
– Added ‘Load PE Header’. It could be useful to force ImportREC to use your own
PE Header (Thanks to EOD)

v1.5.1 beta1 *PRIVATE*
– Tracers
– Tracer Level3
– New approach (Thanks to EliCZ)
– Support SEH chain
– No more FS instructions emulation
– Dumb Mode (YES, it could be useful for redirected scheme which copies the
start code of an API and jump later. It has the behaviour of the Tracer
Level1 but it really executes the code)
– Misc
– Added ‘Get API Calls’ dialogbox to set addresses filter and heuristics
– Added ‘Mode Cloak’ (for anti-imprec tricks)

v1.5 *PRIVATE*
– Loader
– Clean up code (the injected loader)
– Added an IRC log to explain how to use it (Greetings to LaBBa)
– Tracers
– Error codes updated for the Tracers Level2 and 3
– Plugin Tracer
– Redesigned interface for good reasons (See <Plugin.txt>)
– All examples have been updated for the new interface
– Support ‘Exact Call’ feature
– GUI switched into a Submenu (ala WorkerBee#2 by ZigD)
– Misc
– ‘AutoTrace’ will not use the Tracer Level2 anymore (play CAREFULLY with the TL2
because it’s a global hook)
– Windows 95 Support (Thanks to EliCZ, Unknown One and ZigD for testing)
– Tested under NT4 (Thanks to Unknown One)
– The Import Editor (double click on a function) will look for the nearest valid
function in the thunk and will get its module name. => Much faster when editing
each function by hand.
– Improved ‘Exact Call’ (It will not retrace all exact calls from a slot if they
have already been resolved)
– New Module Loader (It should be faster)
– Support function names which have more than 256 characters. ImportREC left when
clicking on <Get Imports> (Thanks to ToyBomB and shandi for reports)
– <Save Log> added (Right click on the Log listbox)
– Fixed Import Editor to look for the name first before looking for the ordinal
– Added ‘Skip Main Slot’ in Options. It will allow you to trace *ONLY* on all
Exact Calls. The main slot will be skipped by the tracer.
– <Control+F12> will stop any tracers (except ‘Plugin’ if you did not manage it)
even when you have selected several slots to trace
– ApiHooks Updated (Greetings to EliCZ)
– Added an Exact Calls window (right click on the tree)
– Added Remove buttons
– Sort datas by column when clicking on it (Yop G-RoM! ;p)
– <Fix Dump> will set the IAT RVA and Size in the PE Directories to 0 (Thanks to
– *ALL* docs have been updated

– Misc
– Fixed wrong image base/size usage when disabling “Use PE Header From Disk” AGAIN!

– Loader
– Finally fixed the bug when rebuilding imports of ripped layers (sometimes, it
produced an invalid PE file)
– Tracers
– Tracer Level3
– A little bit faster
– Fixed wrong opcodes (Damn copy&paste! Erm)… (Thanks to necrotoad for his
target so i could find that bug)
=> Should work for latest SD2
=> The target should not quit anymore under XP
– Misc
– Added a filter to “Get API Calls” to get valid addresses only
– Fixed wrong image base usage when disabling “Use PE Header From Disk” for
reloc’ed target for example (Thanks to Thigo)

– Tracers
– Tracer Level1
– Fixed a little bug added from the previous version (It could trace into
k32.dll… D’oh myself!)

– Loader
– Can handle Kernel32 Ordinal
– Tracers
– Tracer Level1
– It will not be fooled anymore by latest ASProtect Emulated API
– Misc
– Erratum: “Fix Damaged PDB” is for Win9x/ME only!
– “Create New IAT” feature
– “Select Code Section(s)” to precise where is the code in the target
– Fixed bug when loading imports file which contains Exact Call with ordinal
– Debug stub scheme added (for getting API from an executable which was compiled
in debug mode)
– Full Dump (can dump EXE & DLL and it should work for antidumping tricks)

– Tracers
– Tracer Level1
– Fixed a small bug on the stack emulator (D’oh! Tamus! :p)
– Tracer Level3
– Recoded from scratch (Thanks a lot to G-RoM for his precious help and
– Plugin
– Asprotect v1.2x Emulated API Plugin (Thanks to ZigD)
– Misc
– Use PE Header informations from dump or disk (in Options)
– Debug privilege is now managed and damaged PDB can be repaired (Thanks to EliCZ)
– Renormalized exports (for Win9x/ME only)
– Fixed a GPF when using the wheel mouse (or arrows keys) just after selecting a
– “Stick” current imports with new added ones correctly (when you do GetImports
with several contigous regions)
– “Get API Calls” feature
– “Exact Call” for Safecast/Safedisc 2 redirections
– Load & Save “Exact Call” Imports
– Updated to APIHooks 5.6

– Import Editor
– An editbox for entering the name of the API (MSDN-like when using Index)
– Loader
– Layers Auto Finder (with recursion)
– Layers editor (add/modify/remove)
– Improved relocations
– Multiple modules can cohabit in a same thunk
– Direct calls/jumps to any imports in all layers, are rebuilt (for portability)
– Tracers
– Tracer Level1
– A little stack emulator was implemented (very basic though)
– Plugin Tracer
– Misc
– Improved IAT scanner + Bug fixed on the invalid IAT size (negative) found by it
– DLL’s names are now based on their filename and not on their header structure
– New ApiHooks and as usual it still is impressive how it gains speed each time!
(Thanks to EliCZ again)
– Check on overlapped IAT by new imports (when not adding a new section)

v1.2 *Final*
– Fixed a little bug when there is only one invalid pointer and loader is activated, the
dialogbox for entering interval of ripped data/code didn’t appear.
– Fixed a bug in showing new import size when it is empty (0x100 instead of 0)
– Added error managing in the loader if it can’t find a dll or an api. (So its size has
grown up a little bit)
– Fixed a bug on wrong section table location when loading PE files (YODAAAAA!!!!!! ;-))
(and for all my PE related code too…)
– ApiHooks updated again!! Thanks to EliCZ, it’s really faster than before… Wow! 😉
– Autotrace (do not expect a miracle from its part). Moreover prepare to crash if you
manage to use it because it uses the tracer level2… you are warned!! smile
– Improved Ripper analyzer

v1.2 RC1 PRE Release
– Added a loader against faked APIs in thunks.
– Fixed a little bug when loading a tree for the last parameter if it has only one
– Get the invalid pointers in the running process when reloading a tree which contains some
– Added a flag for loader in tree text files (still is compatible with v1.2b3 version
– ApiHooks updated
– You can rebuild DLL now by clicking on “Pick DLL” button
– I decided to retire my Tracer L3 for the moment because it’s too buggy

– Useless but funny, changed icon… thanks to Avl!s smile
– Function is correctly selected when double clicking on it for Editing.
– Oops! Where was the <ucf2000.nfo> and <file_id.diz> file on previous versions???! smile
– Don’t use anymore GetCurrentDirectory for looking for <remote.dll>
– A little note when launching the first time
– TimeOut option for Tracer Level2 and 3
– Fix EP to OEP option when fixing a dump
– Options are saved in an INI file
– Maintaining “Shift” key for Tracer Level1 shows the Module name in the MessageBox title
instead of “huhu” smile and moreover it shows VA correctly now.
– Correct ImageSize in PE Header when adding a new section (Windows 98SE and 2k do it
automatically but it is better to do it ourselves though)
– Added the old good Dennison’s uCF logo (i mean the logo, not you Denni! ;-P) in ‘About’
dialog box
– Replace all “between” by “by the way” in all txt files… 😡
– Stastistics are shown regularly (thx to Pal)
– ‘Show Suspect’ button (thx to Pal)
– Fixed a GPF when closing the running target and continuing to rebuild it (thx to Pal)
– Load & Save Tree in text format. (You can still load old binary “.rec” files)
(Pal, you can edit them manually now! :-))
– Fixed a bug in my module loader when the module image base is different to its pe header
one (ie when it has been moved by windows). (BIG THX TO PAL! ;-))
– Module loading log is more precise now
– First prebeta version of tracer l3 (still is VERY BUGGY! You are WARNED!)

– Argh!!!! Export ordinals were fixed now! Sorry, i have forgotten to add the Base for all
ordinals!! Marf! That’s why my “Import all by ordinal” option didn’t work under
NT/2000… It’s now reactivated under those systems (even if your exe will not be
portable to another system)
– Fixed a GPF (oops! :-P) when invalidate some particular APIs
– Load and Save Tree Models
– Enable and Disable controls (buttons and editboxes) when necessary
– Tracer level2 is slower (not under Win2000! ;-)) but less buggy than previous version
– “Cut thunk” action in right click popup menu. Thanks to my best beta tester Thigo
(normal, he’s alone ;-P) for reporting me tELock tricks. (Greetz to tE! by the way) 😉
(Read Tips.txt for further details)
– Current directory will be the path of your selected process for browsing files
– Statistics after clicking on “Get Import” were fixed
– Readme.txt was updated. smile

– Fixed a lame bug on my original IAT finder (a pb on computing its size… thx Chris ;-))
– Multiple Tree Selection
– Right Click on Tree (invalidate functions, delete thunk…)
– Tracer Level1 (Disasm) was improved (with magic ‘Shift” key… look at Tips.txt)
– *New* Tracer Level2 (Hook) uses ApiHooks.
And big thanks to Yoda for advising me it 😉
– Import module name is auto updated depending on all its functions

– I have forgotten to considerate the max recursion of the tracer in the options! Now it’s
fixed. Shame on me, yeah! 😉
– Give up the method to the start address (image base) bounds of the target too
(not reliable). Unreal Tournament has shown me that ;-)… BY THE WAY, WHAT A GAME! laugh
– Improved tracer again
– Improved Original-IAT Auto Finder
– GUI : Tree view for import
– Default parameter is ‘Add new section’

DLL v1.0
– DLL was released for GUW32 (by Christoph/UG2000) with its open source code 😉

– Give up the method with the limit address of the target (not reliable). Need to reput it
in an option
– “Auto-IAT Search” button added
– “Ultra Arrange” button added
– Modify entry point to given OEP into the dump file when fixing it

– Reorganized code to export it in a dll

– Show first (or second) invalid element in the ‘Imported Function Found’ list if it detects
a problem in a thunk array
– You can change the module of any import functions with the Import Editor
– Disable “Import all by ordinal” under NT/2000… It does definitively not work sad

– No more leaked memory… I swear! smile
– Support NT/2K by fixing all forwarding export functions (thanks to +The Owl+ AGAIN! ;-))
(Tested on an ASProtected game with total success under win2000 (i mean portable on
another system))
– Icedump v6.0.2.2 was released!!!
ImportREC will be able to rebuild a 100% portable executable (or very close) with it.
Icedump tries to solve 4 main windows dll which have export functions which point to the
same address… => Check it out NOW!!! ->

– Added 2 buttons “Previous ????” and “Next ????” for looking at unresolved pointers
– Improved tracer engine… test it and you will see 😉
– Some errors messages are more comprehensible (for Lutin Noir especially ;-D)
– GUI has changed a little bit
– ‘About’ diabogbox finally added

– A memory bug fixed when freeing export infos
– “Add new section” in the dump file for the new import datas

– Bug fixed on hint value which was always set to 0… erm smile
– Import ASCII name address is now aligned on WORD and not DWORD (more smaller size again)
– Little filter on all Editboxes
– Getting the size of the memory used by the process for memory bounds testing and the

– First public release
– Tested on win2000 and it can not rebuild correctly because of module <ntdll.dll> which
contains some API from kernel32.dll of win95/98! sad
(like RltDeleteCriticalSection, …). If anyone has a solution, please mail me!!!!!
– Added a real tracer engine (from Borg disasm of Cronos) but still need to improve its use
– Added a function editor (for fixing Asprotect ‘GetProcAddress’-like redirected function
by yourself for example)
** Double-click on the function in the “Import Functions Found” list and choose the good
– Bug fixed : you can fix a dump which does not have RVA=RAW addresses and sizes
– Import all by ordinal for smaller import datas

– Not yet tested on NT/2000
– Fixed a lot of bugs
– Added a poor tracer for redirected functions

– First release



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